Grounded in the belief that healing is a dynamic, experiential and holistic process, Maria Mellano, LICSW takes a “no-part-left-behind” approach to her work with each client. 

By integrating complimentary therapies alongside heartful and mindful dialogue, Ms. Mellano guides her clients through an integral journey working with the beliefs, behaviors and underlying issues that brought them into therapy. 

Ask Maria about the powerful therapeutic methods of psychodrama therapy, internal family systems, and her body-mind-spirit-shadow oriented approach that she has used to enable her clients to evolve into their best selves and claim their unique place in this world.

Integral Psychotherapy Practice can help you:

  • Stop binging, purging, restricting, compulsively overeating or using other substances or behaviors to cope. 
  • Feel more comfortable in your body.
  • Develop a genuine relationship with and appreciation for your body at any size or shape.
  • Feel less alone in the world.
  • Get through pain with support and growth from the experience.
  • Feel more self reliant and less dependent and afraid.
  • Find deeper meaning and purpose in life leading to more fulfillment in relationships with food, family, friends – community, career, commitments.
  • Be more in touch with emotions, desire and a deeper sense of what it means to be who you really are.
  • Feel better able to cope with difficult circumstances with skill, grace and respect without having panic attacks or relying on extreme behaviors.
  • Feel more confident in life with an ability to pursue your dreams with less doubt and more assertion and esteem.
  • Make that change you’ve always wished you could make to live a richer, more fulfilling life.

We do not exist in this world in isolation and when our relationships with ourselves and our bodies, with substances and with others (family, friends, career) are out of alignment, it is very difficult if not impossible to feel at ease in one’s life and feel in alignment with living one’s unique purpose.  Make the call that will make the difference! To get started, call 857 284 7237 or email.

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