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Grounded in a dynamic, experiential and holistic approach,  I integrate complimentary therapies to guide clients more deeply into themselves. From there, evolutionary self-growth unfolds like an upward spiral. My style is to co-create a therapy relationship based on collaborative partnering, compassion and effectiveness. With patient perseverance, the work brings clarity of Self - yours, which has everything it needs, inherently. 

My practice focuses on the following:

  • Food and body related issues to disorder
  • Trauma and recovery
  • Mood problems - difficult emotions to depression and anxiety
  • Thought problems - general distress and confusion to disorder
  • Self-harming patterns and behaviors including addiction
  • Chronic medical condition/s - auto-immune, HIV/AIDS, obesity and chronic pain

Special interests include social justice, mind-body-spirit practices, energy healing, spirituality and gender.


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